WEEK 1 - 14/07/11 - WONDER

"I wonder how it turns out that we all lead such different lives. Take you and your sister, for example. You're born to the same parents, you grow up in the same household, you're both girls. How do you end up with such wildly different personalities?...One puts on a bikini like little semaphore flags and lies by the pool looking sexy, and the other puts on her school bathing suit and swims her heart out like a dolphin..." — Haruki Murakami (After Dark)
-    LORENA    -
Same shapes, materials, and processes can result in such different things.
Similarly pretty and robust, yet individually unique in their own way, I tried to enclose Murakami sisters' example in this pair of studs.
I made my decision on which one represents each personality, I wonder if you would make the same choice and why.
More pictures of the design process here.
-    DAPHNE    -
circles are circles, but they can have many shapes. full circle, open circles, closed circle, flat circle or even an spherical circle. and still it is a circle. I wonder how one thing can be so much the same and be so different at the same time.

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