WEEK 2 - 21/07/11 - WONDER

    " If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change "      — B u d d a h    
-    LORENA    -
For a few mornings I was greeted by a bunch of papavers, growing wild in the middle of the noise, debris and neglect of a building construction.
Bright red, translucent, swinging in the wind. I wondered how something so perfect and delicate can exist without being planted, fed, protected or noticed. How much beauty do we miss every day?
More pictures of the design process here.
-    DAPHNE    -
the life of a flower - an abandoned flower leaf, fell from a tree. it landed in the wrong spot, it will never be able to grow into a big tree and let its blossom fall for next generations. instead it ended up being the start of a simple shape, yet so powerful. and gave meaning to a whole new thing. this flowers life has a meaning on its own.

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