WEEK 5 - 11/08/11 - NERVOUSNESS

                                             "Being unprepared heightens nerves."            —    James Galway                                        
-    LORENA    -
Being in front of an unknown object without any clue about what it is, or how to use it, may either be an invitation to creativity and amusement, or to anxiety and frustration; it all depends on how you deal with the nerves that come from not knowing how to handle the unexpected or unknown. With this piece I will give you some hints... it's a brooch, you can also can see how it has to be assembled but the thing is: how is it supposed to be worn?
-    DAPHNE    -
being unprepared, makes room for surprises, for things to move in different ways and directions. being unprepared makes room for flexibility, for things/nerves to move up and down. the brooch is connected to the fabric by a safety pin, but it is flexible in all connecting points, which makes it move around freely but also keeps it spaciousness.

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