"When Jo's conservative sister Meg says she must turn up her hair now that she is a "young lady," Jo shouts, "I'm not! and if turning up my hair makes me one, I'll wear it in two tails till I'm twenty.... I hate to think I've got to grow up, and be Miss March, and wear long gowns, and look as prim as a China aster! It's bad enough to be a girl anyway, when I like boys' games and work and manners! I can't get over my disappointment in not being a boy; and it's worse than ever now, for I'm dying to go and fight with Papa, and I can only stay at home and knit, like a poky old woman."
— Louisa May Alcott (Little Women)
-    LORENA    -
Jo made me think of the flying fishes: the need to be or do something opposed to nature itself could be disappointing or frustrating, but only until you manage to be what you want to without losing your essence. This necklace is inspired by the blend of fish scales and wings, that as imposible as it may sound, it exists. /oxidized silver necklace
-    DAPHNE    -
if one finds itself trapped in its surroundings. it looks for a way out... and most likely will hurdle over itself, over and over again. though I am convinced that these hurdles will eventually result in finding the way out.

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